Polykem SÓrl


Developing liquid retention and water harvesting technologies for the benefit of mankind

About Polykem

Polykem SARL is a self-financed spin out from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, (ETHL) Lausanne, Switzerland. The laboratory in which the initial development work has been done is located in the Science Park incubator facility of the Institute. Polykem have developed, and patented worldwide, a novel product and process for the production of Superabsorbent polymers tailored for use in agriculture

Why we do it

Water usage is becoming a critical issue globally. Crop yields around the world are falling as a result of inadequate rainfall or irrigation in the earth’s primary agricultural belts. Agriculture uses 70% of the world’s water resources and Polykem’s pAgriSap hydrogel has the potential to make a meaningful contribution to water conservation while improving global agricultural output

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Our products

PAgriSap is a water retainer that, when incorporated into a soil absorbs and retains large amounts of water and nutrients.

PAgriSap releases the absorbed water and nutrients, in the amounts and when demanded by the plant. This is an important distinction from most superabsorbent products that have been developed for hygiene applications to retain and not release liquids, PAgriSap from Polykem is a patented superabsorbent

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